A business opportunity in a trade fair

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Odisha is a state undoubtedly famous for its upcoming business opportunities and growing industrialisation. It is slowly moving towards becoming the business hub of the country due to its abundant natural resources and agricultural endeavours. Recent statistics in business news today show an amazing improvement in the economy of the state and a lot of hope has been placed in its business abilities.

Where we see numbers coming from fields such as agriculture and industries, we often tend to overlook the small shops and offices which are also an important part of a state’s economy. One example of a minor but equally powerful business opportunity comes in the form of Bali Yatra in Odisha. The Bali Yatra is one of the largest fairs that is organized in Orissa and has something for everybody who visits it.

Business news today about the Bali Yatra

This fair provides an amazing business for all the people who set up small shops or stalls in it. According to India news today, this fair opens its doors to both small shops and vendors and to huge brands and companies. Both make amazing profits during this time and entice their customers by interesting schemes and promotional offers. Many life-long and loyal customers are made during this time. This fair has everything to offer – from food and drinks to clothes and electronics.

Bali Yatra fair in India news today

According to news reports from all over India, the Bali Yatra ground has over 300 stalls for food items alone. These are probably the most crowded and happening stalls and reportedly the food stall owners earn about Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per day. One part of the grounds is dedicated to promoting the rural parts of Odisha by allowing people from these parts to take up stalls and display their handicrafts specific to their region. There are also a number of self-help groups seen here which display and sell their handmade eco-friendly products such as jute bags, paper bags, and herbal beauty products. As reported in India news today, other handmade products and skills that are promoted in this fair include pottery, jewellery, and textile designing.

The fair not only offers an opportunity to earn for numerous small-time vendors, but a lot of contracts get materialised in such interactions and most stall owners end up having a strong business relationship with their customers. Although, all we hear about in the news is how the state has progressed or made its mark in the fields of agriculture or the mining industry, we often forget that a majority of the people in the state do small odd jobs for survival and these are the people we need to concentrate on for building a prosperous state. These kind of fairs that are encouraged by the government play a very strong role in ensuring that all people prosper along with the state and all forms of occupation are given equal respect and opportunities for progress.

Rohan Bose is a well-established businessman by profession, but has lately ventured into studying the ups and downs of the economy and transferring this information into profits in business. Rohan has published a number of articles with tips and tricks to excel in business and live India news about the current state of business.

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